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a name for a giant cock on a white man in the city of monroe! often wrapped up by a magnum, this anaconda has slain many vaginal crevices!
While we were watching tyler bang jenny on his nextel video clip; we could see his rather large bowman thrusting in and out of her wierd looking meat wallet!
#anaconda #schlong #boner #cock #big dick
by Sebastian Bach August 30, 2006
Carrier of the Bow and Arrow. Especially in Medieval Period. The most famous notation is “The Battle of Crecy” Where Bowmen triumph over the armoured Knights.
Robin Hood is a master Bowman
#bow #arrow #bowman #bowmen #crecy
by Goyza July 05, 2009
A technique for arguing consisting of three sub-techniques. 1. Turn the focus away from yourself, preferably onto the arguer.
2. Change subjects.
3. Use a number of clever and usually pointless anecdotes to force the arguer to just give up.

All the meanwhile, never addressing the actual reason for arguing in the first place.
Dude, i tried to talk to him yesterday about failing his test, and he totally pulled a bowman! First he told me i should be more worried about my own test next week, then he asked me how my mother was dealing with her breast cancer, and then he spent 40 minutes quoting movies and we ended up arguing about star wars until i just gave up.
#argue #clever #shrewd #jerk #standoffish
by Balbaroy3785 July 27, 2011
To be first at picking up the tab.
I got bowmaned last night because my buddy gave the hostess his credit card before I arrived. The opposite of being bornsteined or stuck with the bill.
#bill #tab #credit card #pay #cheap
by Clewless2 February 25, 2012
n. "the penis."

in reference to the penis' extraordinary ability to shoot things at other people.

Come on, then! I know you want a peek at my bowman.
#penis #genitals #wiener #schlong #wee-wee #whizzer #pee pee #johnson #j
by gotyournose January 24, 2009
the crazy mother ------ who has the flaming arrow at the party when all the rest of us romans are just relaxing and trying to roast marshmellows over the bones of our enemies
pic one they are all good espeically the one where the bowman was on the snow mo bile
#archer #hunter #gunner #soldier #crazy mother ------
by the codipherious one October 27, 2011
the underbelly of a catfish used to clean fecal matter off of other male catfish during mating season
In a science video, i saw a catfish to use its bowman on another male catfish's retum
#tool #long necked #musically talented #rapist #meth addict
by the fantastic minister February 01, 2010
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