A Bowman is typically a person who tries getting his nut, no matter the cost it may put onto his body. A Bowman typically settles for fat, Chinese chicks who eat sushi. A Bowman is known to be a huge man-whore and can easily be recognized by a tattoo on his right bicep.
See that Bowman hitting on that fat chick, he's a real chode.
by KokTickler October 19, 2010
1. Worthless, good-for-nothing, terrible mother, gold digging slut.
2. Uneducated cunts that cant spell worth a fuck
1. "Yo man, did you know that she slept with like 63 dudes?!" "WHAT?!?! NO! Man, what a Bowman."
2. "C'mon Jenny, you have to spell "cat" if you want to pass the 1st grade. We dont want to hold you back, the other kids will all know that you're a Bowman."
by Mayan Warrior January 20, 2011
A highly potent drug named after the legendary crackhead bowman. Usually used by smoking or snorting.
"That bowman is only sold in the slums, where the most rabid crackheads roam."
by Sean jay February 27, 2009
Uber 1337 god of Runescape. He is the smartest, strongest, and most supreme being to ever have walked those lands.

He owns everyone and everything everytime and everywhere. There is no stopping this 1337est force in the known universe.
Bowman is t3h 1337z0rz.
by THE Major Bowman June 25, 2005
Generally a physically deranged looking character (mostly male)and is catergorized as an "Indian Giver." The Bowman is also fucked up and generally not accepted by people (Dick). Although not all bad (designated driver)he usually ruins evrything he comes in contact with.
Wow, matt is really being a dick lately, what a fuckin' bowman.
by mutow April 03, 2007
Look at bowmans fat ass danceing on fat chicks, he would do anyone while drunk
by sakib2008 November 26, 2008

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