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an ignorant man who thinks he's a 110% perfect male human being.
Jonathan Park: GG...CSU tuition just rose 12%.

J1: That's where are your paychecks going.
by logitech01 July 23, 2011
The first guy named Justin that you met out of the sea of Justins that you know. He is cool beyond all measures, has a pretty big dick, is really jacked, goes to the gym hardcore, and can get any girl you have ever wanted. Usually wears exclusive clothes and is seen with a jewish looking guy as his wingman.
Dude 1 : "who's that guy?"
Dude 2 : "It's J1 with some hot bitches and his wingman"
Dude 1 : "who's that other guy over there?"
Dude 2 : "Oh just some guy named Justin, he's a fuckin creeper...."
by ReDONKulousLU May 05, 2010
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