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a smelly, slimy vermin that when one's back is turned, snatches their food and lingers in their homes without recognition for any other entities or their belongings.
The Infestation of Puckett's besieged the household and raped them of their food and other homely items.
#vermin #food #garbage #dirty smelly #dirt. trucks pucket #puckett #aids #child porn #erectile disfunction #child molestation #backwards hats.
by my nigga big paulie January 10, 2009
Puckett is another word for any type of bong that is used to smoke weed out of.
"Did anybody bring Puckett?"

"Who's bringing Puckett to this party?"

"Puckett's the fucking best!"
#puckett #weed #bong #smoke #horny
by Mr. Puckett January 03, 2010
can be used to substitute the word pocket, commonly used to describe an object normally a piece of fabric located in a piece of clothing that can hold objects.
Person 1: Hey can you put my pen in your puckett?
Person 2: My pucket?
Person1: Your puckett duh!
(put's pen in puckett)
Person2: Oh well take this out of my puckett. I don't want to stain my new pucketts.
#pukett #pucket #pucett #puket #pocket
by marakeito March 21, 2009
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