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Rocket Propelled Chainsaw, a weapon the size of a bazooka which launches mini chainsaws at the enemy.
bring out the RPC and kill them
by M J V D G October 27, 2008
Stands for Rocket Propelled Cum Shot.
Refers to when a guy is getting a blowjob and when he ejaculates, sperm is sent flying across the area he is in.
"I gave josh a blowjob yesterday and he Rpcs'd!"
"Damn. I knew that boy could let off a load"
by Ashenborne October 26, 2015
Red Party Cups

one of the only acceptable cup types to carry drinks in at a party.

Plastic, red on the outside, white on ther inside.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

BLUE party cups are not the same. To a loyal RPC user, Blue Party Cups are vile and hated with a passion.
You got enough RPC's for the party tonight?
by redhedcarrie November 15, 2009
Roland Park Country School (RPCS) is an independent all-girls college preparatory school in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. It serves girls from Kindergarten through Grade 12. It is located on Roland Avenue in the northern area of Baltimore called Roland Park. Nearly all of the school's alumna attend an Ivy League university after spending their years at RPCS.
RPCS is rivals with Bryn Mawr. Most girls who attend Bryan Mawr seem to hate RPCS students, however they do not hate them back... For some reason Bryn Mawr enjoys being "catty".
Most RPCS girls date Gilman boys while Bryn Mawr girls aim a little lower with Boys Latin guys.
GIRL #1: You know Julie Bowen on Modern Family (on USA Network)?
GIRL #2: Ya, the funny mom!
GIRL#1: She went to RPCS, ya know.
GIRL #2: Wow! She's so rich and successful now! RPCS must be a great school...
by DailyHailey June 19, 2014
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