The word used by most KCSS grads, slowly spreading to universities all over.
Can take on any meaning.
Best to use when youre baked out of your mind and cant remember what you were trying to say.

Can also be said as bijt, beet, bate, boot, bat, etc.
Also includes adrian, a-drienne, darion, dawrian, adrian r, etc.

Verb tense: botting.
Zac (baked): Yo adrian, pass the bot.
Adrian: Sure bot, here ya go.

Aviv: Bro can you smoke me a bot?
Adar: Sure bijt.

Zac: We really gotta stop botting.
Quincy: We will never stop adrian r botting.
by qbotdrian May 14, 2011
(B)itches (O)n (T)he (S)ide. the girls you talk to other than your girlfriend, to keep your options open.
-Dude who you textin?
-I thought you were with Brianna?
-Karla is one of my BOTS bro.
by jayayseekay April 26, 2012
Originating from robot. Bots are a type of SPAM. It is usually an advertisement or some other device that impersonates a human in order to promote a commercial interest. Usually they are found on places like myspace, aim, aol, and other public chat/meeting sites, they usually pretend to be hot girls and tell desperate guys to go to visit my webcam at It is not a real person, some are now using AIM also which they use automated replys to advertise their site. It is also becoming popular to advertise get-rich schemes. Sometimes its hard to tell if it is a bot.
Hi i am Jenny, I love puppys, hanging out with ugly guys who cant get any action and I agree with anything you say! I LOVE GIRL on GIRL action. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY PICS HEHEHEH

by JoeYEAH April 28, 2007
A piece of hash that is rolled into a small ball ready to be smoked off a cigarette in a plastic bottle. Similar to hot knives. This definition orginates from Toronto.
Dude, let's smoke those bots.
by denMAR October 03, 2005
Short for robot. An automated machine or computer program designed to perform a specific task with little or no human direction. Unfortunately, also the means by which half of the definitions on Urban Dictionary are sent to Quality Control.
So far, we've had DenBot, UrbanBot, Cracka Killa Bot, X-Bot, l337b0t, ÜberBot, and a few anonymous bots. UD really needs to keep these idiots in check.
by Ninja Disaster August 26, 2004
Any large-breasted female. The word stands for Big Ol Titties. This word originated from a certain Korina and is now widely used.
"Damn, look at that B.O.T."
by The Bishes December 30, 2003
a game made by the Acclaim company with player vs player and base matches and sector (virus clearing) games
character A:Hey man, i gifted you some items on Bots i hope you like them.
Character B:Thanks! ill brb let me get them.
Character A:k
Character B:omg! Bladium! your the best man!
by Funkstar November 11, 2007

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