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1)tiny chunks of hashish to be cooked using cigarettes and a bottle.

2)annoying spamming/advertising programs found in chat rooms that fake the appearance of a user/real person/ to get click to their sites.
1) "I just dropped the last bot on the carpet, quick help me find it"

2) "hi im kelly view me nekked at this link and join in on the fun..."

by G.I.JER September 21, 2003
82 71
"best of times," taken from the opening line to Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities"
Question: Hey how was that booze cruise?

Answer: It was the bots.
by Manette Enders December 01, 2013
11 1
That girl has a B.O.T
by Nasty mike January 20, 2011
18 11
noun. Somebody who exists only through texting, Facebook relationships, and various others. Bots will send smiley faces and winky faces to stimulate their ever-expanding need for instant social acceptance without exercising the true capabilities of a human relationship. Bots are the equivalent of phone sex.
BOT: "I miss you :) When are we going to get tacos?"
HUMAN: "Fuck you, bot bitch."
by Maijala March 22, 2011
25 19
Big ol' tits.
Nick: "Look at that chick in the yellow tanktop."
Dalton: "Damn shes got some bots!"
by FedInTheA July 13, 2010
30 25
Bitches/bitch on the side.
Richie Finn is a fucking B.O.T.S ;D
by Balllllssssamo May 24, 2011
6 3
Big 'ol Titties
She's got B.O.T.
by Dino Pepper October 17, 2008
5 2