A program that performs actions in a chat room, e.g. kick people out when they use profanity.
I got booted by the bot!
Damn porn bots!
Kill the bot!
by Johnny May 19, 2003
boner on the spot
dude kelly is totally giving me bots right now
by smart:) July 25, 2010
BOT is quite a newish shortened word for 'back on topic'


It's used usually on forums when someone is going off the topic and posting stuff that isn't relevant to what is going on.
Person 1: So what's everyone's favorite genre of music?

Person 2: Hi everyone, do you know where I can watch free episodes of "The Sopranos" without downloading them?

Person 1: please get BOT!!!!!!
by KaBoom! August 07, 2007
to be ugly or rank
that chick who gave me head she was bot
by FrAzRR April 22, 2007
Slang for fill me in, talking about bithcing and gosipping
"Bot me!"
"So, bot me about..."
by Spoon Dude & Evil Lam Sam October 03, 2006
a crackhead whiteboy communist alcoholic stoner whose addicted to uppers, downers, yellows, blues, ethanol, methanol, zanie bars, fries, and all other drugs
Me: Yo bot, take all these drugs, then go get on that bus

Bot: finnnnnne bro, let me get some money
by botsbuddies August 19, 2006
bot,also known as butt or bottom.
tyson has a cute little bot.
by emily holder May 20, 2005
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