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Guy 1: Your just a bots!
by sbwild88 May 29, 2012
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Balls on thigh, when your balls stick to the inside of your thigh and gets really uncomfortable. Get some baby powder.
Guy 1: Man I can't walk home I got B.O.T. to the 3rd degree.
Guy 2: Dammit I'll come pick you up.
by asdfghjklkjhgfdsa1238471 December 14, 2010
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'Bending Over Top'. A top that reveals a womans cleavage when she bends over in front of you.
(pronounced bot)
'I got a great look when that woman in the B.O.T. bent over to pick up that paper'
by plym1706 May 20, 2010
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Bot is a word that can be used after almost any adjective, verb and proper noun. The word bot is used to mean programmed to be, to perform or to posses only the word preceding bot. If someone is a (insert word) bot, then they are most known for, always doing, always acting like or strongly associated with the the inserted word.

Originally Sting Bot, which means programmed to sting, it was concatinated to just bot to refer to any word that someone seemingly is programmed to do. (See Sting Bot in the urban dictionary for a definition.)
Damn that girl Stacy has slept with the entire football team. She is a slut bot.

That girl has the biggest breast but is completely stupid and boring. She is a Titty Bot.

You spent $20,000 on Cubs gear and game tickets. You are a Cub Bot.
by Popz Productions May 04, 2011
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Someone who doesnt belong or isnt welcome in another persons company, can also be a loner who tries to fit in with a group by pretending to able to relate to the group members lives and daily conversation, sometimes, without actually knowing what there talking about.
group member:"Hey saturday night was sick!"

bots:"yeah man that was fun!"
group member:"stop being a botsss"
by PHATBOY2 November 07, 2010
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(B)itches (O)n (T)he (S)ide. the girls you talk to other than your girlfriend, to keep your options open.
-Dude who you textin?
-I thought you were with Brianna?
-Karla is one of my BOTS bro.
by jayayseekay April 26, 2012
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to fail at school
"I'm going to bots it." or just as a hissed exclamation "Botssss" when someone in the class makes a mistake
by teacher maggie June 17, 2010
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