Adj. For something to be both boss, and awesome.
"omg dude, that new car is so boss. omg, it's awesome too."

"you might venture to say that it's bossome."

"o.O i guess."
by Alex August 20, 2003
Top Definition
when something is both boss and awesome at the same time
dude i got free parking at the beach, it was bossome
by raymaas August 20, 2009
Sarah Kimsey and Emily Wesoloski. Enough said.

someone who is boss and awesome at the same time. their life is a constant flow of unfathomably rediculous occuring events and they tend to tear shit up everywhere they go.
tomato night, stoop night, TP night, lost phone and ID night, palm tree night, lokomotive night, boss night, duke douche night, trose night, body guard night, bar-b-q night, double whammy night, 2am night, and soo many more.
a bossome night would be so off the wall that it would require a title. it could include any of these titles, or insane titles like them.
by werduhh November 15, 2010
An adjective you use when something or someone that is both awesome and boss.
Guy 1: Hey, bro, your new shoes are bossome!

Guy 2: Thanks, bro! You're new backpack is bossome, too!

Guy 1: Yeah it is!
by JDX Awesomeness March 06, 2015
A mixed word meaning Boss and Awesome.
"Woah dude! look at that Possum he's a boss and he's awesome!"
"Just call him a Bossome Possum!"
"That's so Bossome Dude!!!"
by Sydney L. R. September 20, 2009
Being a boss and being awesome intermittently. Note: not to be confused with Boss-some meaning a threesome with your boss/manager etc.
Not gonna lie, the way you filled out those excel sheets was pretty bossome.
by Bamboo_bomber December 25, 2011
Boss and Awesome mixed together.
Billy: Dang Kayla you're a boss!

Kayla: Billy you're awesome!

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