So awesome that it becomes extremely boss.
Dmoney just got a purple Lambo, it was BOSSOME!

Jonas works at McDonalds, so not Bossome...
by SurfinQ00 September 01, 2011
A cross between boss and awesome. Coined by a student at Inglemoor High School.
-DUDE! NPH is so bossome.

-My friend gave me a stegasaurus for my birthday. It was bossome.
by linusandlucy September 26, 2010
Bossome is a mixture of the word bomb and awesome. It's better than wicked or tight because it's bossome yo.
Dang that cake was totally bossome!
by andr3a October 29, 2007
A word Robin admittedly took from Alex using psychic powers, schwang!
Holy shit, that's bossome!
by chic geek August 20, 2003
An adjective you use when something or someone that is both awesome and boss.
Guy 1: Hey, bro, your new shoes are bossome!

Guy 2: Thanks, bro! You're new backpack is bossome, too!

Guy 1: Yeah it is!
by JDX Awesomeness March 06, 2015

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