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when something is both boss and awesome at the same time
dude i got free parking at the beach, it was bossome
by raymaas August 20, 2009
The mobile internet used on sprint customers phones, know for its slow loading times and overall suckishness.
"Dude why is it taking you forever to do a google search" , " i have sprinternet" " dam that sucks"
by raymaas August 17, 2009
a party held in ones car, sometimes involving the playing of loud music, and the drinking of mountain dew.
Dude, lets go to the parking lot later and have a carty,
by raymaas October 05, 2009
A text message recieved from a girl named Lexie or Alexis.
"ring,ring,ring" " Dude what was that?" "Oh just got another Lext Message"
by raymaas August 19, 2009
The act of sending text messages whilst exercising
I was on the treadmill textercising yesterday because i was bored with just running.

"running is so boring" "have you tried textercising?, its great , you can text and run at the same time !"
by raymaas February 17, 2010
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