Used to describe something as being quite boss and awesome at the same time.
See definitions of boss and awesome for further understanding of the word.
My 2003 Honda Accord is rather bossome.

by Epic Boss July 29, 2008
A great amazingness of super-terrific FUN
See the new game on the nintendo wii?! its BOSSOME!
by cole.train March 13, 2008
A combination of boss and awesome.
When it comes to playing guitar, Jimi Hendrix was bossome.
by virginia lexicographer March 25, 2012
Boßome - Adj. an alternate spelling of Bossome (from the english slang Bawesome)
Bossome is a combination of the words Boss and Awesome, and is used to describe anything which is incredible or super cool.
Bro one: "Dude that chick's mom wants me!"
Bro two: "Boßome Bro!!"
by theBIGm.p. May 08, 2011
Boss + Awesome = Bossome

boss: Cool. Awesome. Someone who runs sh@! in his/her hood or city.

awesome: Slang for very impressive.

Bossome marries the two at moments when both of those definitions are incredibly and powerfully true.

Boss + Awesome = Bossome
John Wall on a fast break is 100% bossome.

Aw, sick! Those new kicks are bossome!
by TheRealAwhit April 21, 2011
The act of saying an object is utterly cool (boss) & awesome.
Dude, you see that game last night?
Yea! That was Bossome!
by JDeeBee February 21, 2011
When somone is simuletaniously a boss and awesome at the same time.
Dude, I didnt ecpect Lindsey to be so Bossome today.
by Marzuzu January 21, 2011

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