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8 definitions by cole.train

bxa is kinda like hxc or sxe
but instead of being lame. its badXass. =]
cool, or rad
Dude, you painted your nintendo GREEN! Thats so bXa.
by cole.train January 22, 2008
14 4
To be better than fabulous, but to be phabulous. To have the greatest felling brought apon you.
Zack! You brought our WHOLE family together after all of those years of fighting! Thats phabulous!
by cole.train March 05, 2008
7 1
A way of showing that someone on myspace has 1,000 friends.
Often wrote at the end of a name for myspace popularity.
ex. - This can be shown as 42k OR 42,000 friends.
cole - Did you see MattMURDER on myspace?
janelle - Yeah, he only has 1k! What a LOSER!
cole - I know right?
janelle - obviously... I have like... 39k.
by cole.train February 21, 2008
32 26
An irrational fear of the hacky sack
Dude, did you see Jess when she had a hacky sack thrown at her? She defently has sackophobia.
by cole.train April 09, 2008
4 0
One whom is both tall, AND bald.
One with no hair apon their head, often shaved as well as tall 6ft +.
Talds like to move in packs.
or skin heads
Hey look at that tald guy over there!
Where are his friends?
by cole.train February 20, 2008
5 1
F*** obvious/obviously.
Too have been more than obvious.
More than the average obvious.
You must be stoopid obvious.
Dude... kayla has the biggest booty ever! Thats so fobvious! How didn't you know that?
by cole.train February 20, 2008
3 1
A great amazingness of super-terrific FUN
See the new game on the nintendo wii?! its BOSSOME!
by cole.train March 13, 2008
5 4