1. (Adj.) a very boring situation

2. a word that now rhymes with Orange.
" Dude , I'm glad that church service is over because the pastors sermon was so borange!"
by Dr. loone' February 03, 2010
Though borange has been historically connected to mean "balderdash" it is NOT to be confused with the forgotten word that also rhymes with orange, florange, which is the tuft of hair that grows in the valley below the adams apple.
the dude with the florange eating the orange is full of borange.
by chesh January 06, 2005
The correct definition of the word "Borange" is not what you all think. Borange is actually a colour, which is a mix between brown and orange, and when mixed it makes an off-tap shitty brown colour.
Therefore, the word can be used as a replacement word for "shit", and is generally used when describing something that falls between "crap" and "shit" i.e. something that is worse than crap, but not quite shit... like the Pakistan cricket team
"That borange Datsun 280B is borange"
by bondy January 06, 2005
mix the colours blue and orange and you get the colour borange
Bob: woh, i just created a new colour!
Bill: let me see!
Bob: i call it borange
Bill: Why?
Bob:because its a mix between blue and orange
by jake lenahan May 08, 2007
of poor quality (see also rubbish)
That produce is thouroughly borange.
by Light Joker October 28, 2005
To be of poor or dismal quality.
Your cardboard cut out of Nanna is borange.
by Dabbu January 12, 2005
Definition: Stuffed up,
In the early 70's there was an add for (I think) Miranda Orange Drink. It was about an Orange who was so proud to be going into this drink. The add was supposed to be him coming out onto the stage to say "IT MAKES ME PROUD TO BE AN ORANGE" But instead he was so nervous that he came out and said "IT PRAKES ME MOUD TO BE A BORANGE" So he stuffed up
So when you get it wrong, "Oh Ive made a right Borange of myself
by Barry January 06, 2005
A Word That Has Been Overdefined, or perhaps a fad or idea that has been run into the ground
Stop freeking defining borange as the only rhyming word for orrange, u know what that is its borange
by Ben January 05, 2005
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