Something that is extremely penis shaped. This is the only word that rhymes with orange.
O my God! That arrow is so borange!
by Orange Obsessed November 30, 2009
adj. normally used in reference to the Houston Dynamo, it can also be used to describe something that is excruciatingly boring.
The DMV is borange!

I'm so boranged, I must be watching the Houston Dynamo.
by Hon. Slim G. Wilson November 20, 2011
A Borange, in the true sense of the word, defines a person who resembles a cartoon character.
Wayne Rooney = Shrek 2
by Don. Kiddick April 18, 2005
Key word in the hit new song "Borange Submarine
hmmmmm iv only listened to that song once, but it was good. Put the lyrics up somewhere terri, that song needs some public backing!
by Alex February 02, 2005
This is one of the greatest words in the english language (I mean aussie language) because of it's possible useage.

Implemented by Ross Noble and carried by everyone thanks to Terrie and Triple J COZ Triple J ROCKS.
Great ~ "This stuff is borange!!!"
Shit ~ "This stuff is borange!!!"
by Jazzy G January 07, 2005
A general purpose word that can be used for any tool which doesn't have a name.
One of those metal thingies that's used for squeezing flexible filler from a tube.
e.g 'can I borrow your borange mate, I only need it for a day and don't want to have to buy one from B&Q'
by dickydido September 28, 2006
Borange does not in any way, or under any circumstances break the rule "there is nothing that rhymes with the word orange," as the rule only refers to words in an official dictionary (Oxford and/or Webster's).
Does "borange" come under the rule "there is nothing that rhymes with the word orange"? No
by Bob32 November 03, 2006

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