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dc slang, a girl dats down to suck D**k.or perform oral pleasures, suckie suckie
SLim u c shorty over there, i'm tryin to get dat bop asap.

Keisha gave me bop, give me bop.
by 10th pl September 26, 2007
A sexual favor, usually a handjob or blowjob.
I'm gonna get some bops tonight!
by Artoonie October 27, 2006
any woman that you can sleep with easily; slut, hoe, jumpoff, etc...
dam mayn dat ho rite there is a bop!
by zack11145 June 15, 2008
Verb: to walk the streets, hence 'bop' the streets. Derived from the description applied to one's gait (manner of walking).

Noun: a 'bop' is time spent bopping (walking) the streets, normally with friends, encompassing all that occurs during this time. Can also be 'solo-bopping' when walking the streets on one's own.
Verb: 'I just saw him bop over there and then when he was bopping back he had a bag with him.'

Noun: 'I couldn't believe so many things happened on that bop yesterday.'
by Uzi J July 26, 2006
A form of "Pig Latin"-like slang in which words are formed by spelling them out, adding the suffix "-op" to the consonants, and pronouncing the long form of the vowels. Also known as "bop talk."

Bop talk was something of a schoolyard fad in the Central Connecticut area in the early '60s. I have no idea if it originated there, or if it ever existed elsewhere.
For example, the term "Bop talk" would be:

"Bop-o-pop top-a-lop-kop."

Other examples:

"Hop-i, hop-o-wop a-rop-e yop-o-u?" ("Hi, how are you?")

"I-mop dop-o-i-nop-gop fop-i-nop-e." ("I'm doing fine.")

"Lop-e-top-sop gop-o dop-rop-i-nop-kop-i-nop-gop sop-o-mop-e-wop-hop-e-rop-e a-fop-top-e-rop top-hop-e gop-a-mop-e." ("Let's go drinking somewhere after the game.")

"Nop-o -- I wop-a-nop-nop-a gop-e-top hop-i-gop-hop rop-i-gop-hop-top nop-o-wop!" ("No -- I wanna get high right now!")

"Cop-o-o-lop! Gop-o-top a-nop-y-top-hop-i-nop-gop o-nop yop-o-u?" ("Cool! Got anything on you?")

With a bit of practice you can learn to converse quite easily and to form long words and sentences without too much trouble.

by Jazzmanchgo May 30, 2006
A girl who bops from guy to guy doing bopular things. AKA being a hoe. This was started by Tony Jefferson on Oklahoma's football team and expanded by Kenny Stills and Brennan Clay (The Cali Trio).
This girl is a bop! Don't be a bop!
by TillyBoi4life January 07, 2012
Boat cops. Mainly in Florida, the BOPS handle everything from surfing injuries to off shore drug busts. With an undeserved sense of authority, and no weapons besides their badges, they patrol the shore line for drunken boaters and lost children. It is also rumored that they monitor every person on the planet and have spy planes and satellites with audio and video recording capability. BOPS BOPS BOPS BOPS
Quick hide the beer, here come the BOPS.
Why is that plane flying so low? Probably the BOPS
by Mongo1456 February 13, 2012