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When one does not wash his balls for so long it grows a mushroom on them
Aaron is so nasty I bet he has several ballrooms growing
by Matchew March 02, 2007
A room for holding balls in, as in a formal dance. Normally found in larger older houses or mansions, not generally found in modern houses, due to the fall in popularity of formal balls. Think chandeliers and shining polished floors.
When walking round the 19th century manor house, Elizabeth was particularly impressed by the large and stately ballroom.
by Fen_94 February 18, 2013
When your legs are spread open, very wide.

See Dick Space
When I'm sitting right here, I have SO MUCH Ball Room.
by Keefer!!! April 25, 2007
Space in the front of a man's pants/trousers.
These jeans have no ballroom. They'll make me sterile if I wear them too long.
by LudwigVan December 17, 2003
An adjective describing a particularly adept lover, or a particularly poetic and graceful night in the sack.
"Wow, that guy is total ballroom in the sack."
"That sex was mind-blowing ballroom, dude!"