To quickly punch someone in the nuts, usually a friend or acquaintance, while loudly exclaiming the word, "BOP!" Naturally, it should be a surprise to the receiver.
Just as he was taking a drink of his whiskey, he got a BOP! and spilled the drink everywhere, doubling over in pain.
by Dr. Bop January 07, 2015
Katie Hitt
That girl just took a snapchat of her shit AND a bloody tampon and posted it on her "my story" what a fucking bop
by The Bopking January 30, 2014
A way to reject or say no.(created in the Rush-Henrietta school district)
Parent: You went to the party didn't you?
Me: Bop!
by annoying faggot January 21, 2014
An extremely hot guy, that every girl on Earth wants.
Oh dayummm, look at that Bop!
by Henx23 January 20, 2011
to bang up someone; possibly to fuck someone in a good way or bad way.
yo i gonna bop someone in da lip.

damn dat girl is hot, i might wanna bop dat piece of cushion.
by phucmanchu January 10, 2009
(verb) as in too bop
too express a great outburst of rage and anger, usually in a violent way through the medium of a kick, for no apparent reason, or for no greater cause.
" i was in the shop and then some bloke just bopped my for no reason?!"
by m fletcher August 28, 2007
Blown Out Pussy, a vagina so stretched out that the act of intercourse is anti-climatic.
Man, I was with Cindy last night and that chick is a B.O.P.
by Zarth April 29, 2007
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