Katie Hitt
That girl just took a snapchat of her shit AND a bloody tampon and posted it on her "my story" what a fucking bop
by The Bopking January 30, 2014
A way to reject or say no.(created in the Rush-Henrietta school district)
Parent: You went to the party didn't you?
Me: Bop!
by annoying faggot January 21, 2014
An extremely hot guy, that every girl on Earth wants.
Oh dayummm, look at that Bop!
by Henx23 January 20, 2011
Acronym for

Technically meaning that someone or something is dumb, or below average.
Haha, she's in the bop class.

What, Lizzie got a 26% in Bio? Haha, she's sooo bop.
by Tresechec November 06, 2010
(verb) as in too bop
too express a great outburst of rage and anger, usually in a violent way through the medium of a kick, for no apparent reason, or for no greater cause.
" i was in the shop and then some bloke just bopped my for no reason?!"
by m fletcher August 28, 2007
1. a female hypebeast
2. a girl who gives head
Daaaaamn, look at that bop and her stussy!
by peeelayhpeeeno February 07, 2012
A female that goes around from guy to guy, somewhat of a hoe.
Matt: Karson, I just can't find myself a woman.
Karson: Well, maybe you should stop talking to them bops, they're no good.
by Duddyluv and Sizzle January 13, 2012

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