any woman that you can sleep with easily; slut, hoe, jumpoff, etc...
dam mayn dat ho rite there is a bop!
by zack11145 June 15, 2008

Commonly used in massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPG) to ensure that certain items and equipment can only be obtained by defeating the non-player character (NPC) that drops it. Once an object is bound to a character, it cannot be traded or sold. Often the cause of drama due to accidental or intentional aquisition of the item (Ninja Loot).
DZLWarrier > Rolls a 32 on (Blade of Pwnage)
KillaRogue > Rolls a 45 on (Blade of Pwnage)
LckyWzzzrd > Rolls a 60 on (Blade of Pwnage)
LckyWzzzrd has won the (Blade of Pwnage)
KillaRogue > DUDE! WTF! OMG, u can't even use swords!
LckyWzzzrd > My bad, u can have it.
KillaRogue > IT'S BOP U A55H013!
LckyWzzzrd > Oh...guess I'll sell it 2 the vendors then. :D
DZLWarrier > gg ninjaloot
by Grejn August 30, 2006
A girl who bops from guy to guy doing bopular things. AKA being a hoe. This was started by Tony Jefferson on Oklahoma's football team and expanded by Kenny Stills and Brennan Clay (The Cali Trio).
This girl is a bop! Don't be a bop!
by TillyBoi4life January 07, 2012
A form of "Pig Latin"-like slang in which words are formed by spelling them out, adding the suffix "-op" to the consonants, and pronouncing the long form of the vowels. Also known as "bop talk."

Bop talk was something of a schoolyard fad in the Central Connecticut area in the early '60s. I have no idea if it originated there, or if it ever existed elsewhere.
For example, the term "Bop talk" would be:

"Bop-o-pop top-a-lop-kop."

Other examples:

"Hop-i, hop-o-wop a-rop-e yop-o-u?" ("Hi, how are you?")

"I-mop dop-o-i-nop-gop fop-i-nop-e." ("I'm doing fine.")

"Lop-e-top-sop gop-o dop-rop-i-nop-kop-i-nop-gop sop-o-mop-e-wop-hop-e-rop-e a-fop-top-e-rop top-hop-e gop-a-mop-e." ("Let's go drinking somewhere after the game.")

"Nop-o -- I wop-a-nop-nop-a gop-e-top hop-i-gop-hop rop-i-gop-hop-top nop-o-wop!" ("No -- I wanna get high right now!")

"Cop-o-o-lop! Gop-o-top a-nop-y-top-hop-i-nop-gop o-nop yop-o-u?" ("Cool! Got anything on you?")

With a bit of practice you can learn to converse quite easily and to form long words and sentences without too much trouble.

by Jazzmanchgo May 30, 2006
Girls named Jenny.
Guy1: "Hey how was that bop last night"
Guy2: "Oh you mean Jenny. Yeah she was alright, for a bop."
by The Based God March 18, 2011
1. A girl that loves, or enjoys to give "head", "dome", or oral sex.

2. The act of recieving "head", "dome", or oral sex.

1. That girl Amy is a huge bop, I heard she gave head to ten guys the other night!

2. Hey Susie, you're a cheerleader right? You trying to do a handstand and give me some bop?
by BIG-DIESEL September 04, 2008
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