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The area or region encompassing the booty and poontang.
"Man, I wanna attack that fine ass bootang - suck it, fuck it, and love it."

"Your bootang is fly. Sit on my penis."

by Shaqueefa December 17, 2005
47 17
I want a big butt...
Damn I want those hoes big bootang at that web-site www.bootang.com
Maaaaan, i gotta have that juicy fruity phat bootang!
by twitsexy August 13, 2010
21 8
Black Booty.
Damn, that boo tang is phat. (NSL)
by NSL1980 August 13, 2011
10 1
the anal equivalent of 'putang'
i dont want putang, give me that bootang.
by ez bon August 07, 2010
16 8
a slang term for the anus in a sexual context.
Never thought I would when I was younger, but I love me some bootang!
by Mix_Master_Mike October 21, 2009
20 12
booty that members of the wu tang clan have "been all up inside of."
i was walkin down the street and i saww this biotch and my homy was like, "watch out that ho is a bootang."
by adam the masta p playa March 09, 2003
14 14
like poutang except about boobs not pussy
the chicks bootang bounced up and down
by graham zigyzag March 12, 2007
16 17