an alternate way of referring to smoking marijuana, getting high, smoking dope, etc.
"hey man, wanna boost?"
"Let's boost before we go to class!"
"I just want to take a big boost before I do my homework."
"Lets buy some weed and boost all weekend."
by xwoman1023 November 22, 2011
Props. Big ups. Used to imply gratitude, astonishment, excitement, or general good will.
T-Bone: "Hey I wrote a new song for us today."
Bigface: "Boost!"
1) Term for turbocharging a car.

2) Adjective for how much PSI a turbo is utilizing
1) Yeah, I was thinking of going boost for my GSR instead of all-motor.

2) That RX-7 is probably boosting around 18 PSI with that turbo timer.
by m April 24, 2005
A word used to express delight over one's good fortune, or happiness.
"He gave me the answers the the test, it was such a boost!"
"I was so boosted that we didn't have school Monday"
by Marcuss February 09, 2006
To leave in a hurry
Is he ready, c'mon then lets boost.
by Simon King January 20, 2004
1. (v) Slang Term Used In Reference To Hyper Gratuitous or Over-Exaggerated Ejaculation. Can be used as hyperbole or in reference to hentai.

2. (n) Energy Drink With Eclectic Flavours.
"Did you see that chick? I'd boost all up in that!"

"Oh Man, that was grotesque. He just boosted all over her. Now they're like, swimming in it..."

"Hardcore Extreme Gaming Nourishment! Game On with an Ultra Boost!"
by Icebox And Action Shakespeare September 12, 2009
to take an additional amount of a drug (or of a new drug) in order to enhance or prolong your high
I don't feel anything; let's boost. (Best said 10 seconds after dosing)

I think the E is starting to wear off. Should we boost with some of that 2CB?
by avicenna May 01, 2007

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