Bangin drink from riverside/delran area. usually in a slush form. Or the very popular Half and Half (Half regular and half slush)
wanna grab a boost?
by boost man May 24, 2010
To steal
Yo! Somone boosted my pager!
by Chemical Death December 17, 2002
Any Beverage that makes your day easier- ie alcohol-mylanta-coffee etc
Eric-oh shit brah i had a rough night

Rory-no problem Breh, i got all the fixins for bloody marys
Eric-ahh thanks for the boost bro
by drwu March 04, 2011
when something is untrue.

bob: yo, I just boned that chick last night.
earl: yo, dawg thats a boost.

sam: at home I have like 10 X boxes il give u one for 5 bones.
fred: why r u boosting
by smagmar June 05, 2009
Awesome! Said when something good happens.
by steelwolfwc October 20, 2010
Any item or service that is considered sub-par or ghetto quality. Boost is most commonly used to describe electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers.
1) Get your stank-ass Boost phone out of my face!

2) I think that new netbook you bought is Boost.

3) That top of the line wireless plan I bought just went Boost.
by AudioGuy13 December 13, 2010
lying to someone
Jim-"Yo man I wheeled so many bitties"
Joe-"Nice boost"
by YoMangsauce January 02, 2010

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