a technical saying of a group act in multiple player games (esp. online FPS games like Counter-Strike). It requires certain teamwork skills and can be quite useful when matching with another team.
the ways "boost" do is that 2 or more players work together to send one of them to an upper area in a place where he can hardly reach by one-man power. Such as stand streight on another guy's shoulder can help you jump higher--maybe to the uper storage--then you may show up at an unexpected spot to attack your opponents off guard.
-boost the window, let's go!
-boost me to the 2nd floor!
-watch out, they may boost your back.
by A.Gleitta February 14, 2007
To partake in casual sexual intercourse
I wouldnt mind Boosting her..!

I heard he Boosted her last night..!

I need a boost..!
by Kristian Roberts November 15, 2006
a new chocolate bar in Austraila.
firstly its a wried but nice chocolate center with biscuit pieces in it and then that covered in caramel and then that whole thing again is covered in chocolate...it fucking very nice to eat and sweet as!
I'll go down to the servo and buy me a boost.
Term used in board sports for catching serious amounts of air. To lift off ridden surface with style.
"Did you see Bruce Irons boost off that right in Indo?"
by REM February 19, 2005
When something good happens it is a boost.
Yo i just found 100 bucks. BOOST!
by David Russell December 20, 2004
A british senior school prank, used mostly when there is certain love/hate feelings between multiple numbers of either sex where either boys or girls will empty all the books out of a member of the oposite sexes bag, turn it inside out then put the books back in again. This can be done with pencil cases and certain types of shoe. This can get very competetive especially when there is a large group of boys and a couple of girls, it is also very amusing to watch!
boy: Hey, fred just boosted georgia's bag for the third time today
boy 2: awesome
boy: trying to turn girls shoe inside out after boosting her bag Ah! shit! your shoe won't boost
by siLLy1Girl January 21, 2009
adjective- to be excited and full of energy

verb- to make someone or a situation more intense or excited
After lunch, the students are all boost and hard to keep under control.

The students tried to boost the fight by screaming and yelling.
by pejota August 22, 2008
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