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term of endearment between males and females. implying that the two have some form of attraction between them. 'boopsie' isnt to be confused with the term 'boosie',which means the polar opposite of boo(p)sie. what the other definitions above describe is boosie(weak men and woman) but boopsie is about attraction, ie; betty boop.
you look beautiful as always boopsie. nobody loves me more than my boopsie. betty boop.
by junkjunkies January 10, 2012
A guy who is a womans' toy fool, he give anything she wants and receives nothing from her.
Boopsie Johnny gives Shelly his money every week and in return he gets nothing not even love, whereas Shelly uses the money on her peronal uses carrying other men on cruise, club and they have sex with her for nothing.
by wnit May 31, 2009
when someone makes a bootsie mistake.

bootsie+oopsie = boopsie
That was his boopsie that he kissed your twin sister instead of you
by fried chicken menace August 20, 2008
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