Top Definition
1. A Mistake
2. A Accident

3. You Got Fired
4. You Failed A Test.
5. You Got Drunk A Slept With A Fat Chick And Realized You Had A Girlfriend.
1. Oopsie, I forgot to stop at the Stop Sign.
2. Oopsie, I forgot to wear a condom last night.
Figure 1
Employee: What? I'm fired?

Boss: Yes you made a big oopsie!
Employee: I swear I didn't sleep with your daughter!

4. Sorry mom, I made a oopsie and failed the Drug Test.
5. I don't know how im going to explain to my Girlfriend I slept with that fat chick last night, I guess I made an oopsie!
by Johnny Davison March 31, 2010
A message sent inadvertently. cannot rescind or delete. too late now.
It was an oopsie when I hit the "send" button before I did a proof-reading.
by mudbug January 07, 2014
when u think u have to fart but then u shit
On the first day of kindergarten Katie was soo nervous that she was on the her way to school and she thought she had to fart but she had an oopsie.
by Jesse March 30, 2004
The situation following anal sex, where the 'top' discovers his penis has feces on it.
Nate: So I was fucking him up the ass, and then when I pulled out I looked down and there was shit all over my fucking dick!

John: Haha! Looks like you had an 'oopsie'! At least you wore a condom.

Nate: See, that's the worst part....
by Jussaaa April 08, 2010
While farting really hard, the accidental release of fecal matter into your pants.
I thought I just had to fart, but I had an oopsie instead!
by Ryan August 21, 2002

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