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1. Exclamation for when something bad happens.
2. A big mistake.

Similar to DJ Dynasty Handbag's "Bokay!"

Var.: Boops.
Boops is used more as an F-You. (See example.)
1. I just dropped my drink on the ground. Boopsy!
2. We were drunk and made out last night. That was a boopsy.

Boops: I purposely spilled my drink on your shirt. Boops.
by Blover Boy July 08, 2010
A volcanic, wet, projectile shit, quite popularly found in truck stop and rest area bathroom stalls as the bowels have been agitated by long hours on the road and the mix of diesel fumes in the lungs. A boopsie sounds like a simmering geyser of volcanic mud, followed by the trumpeting sound of powerful flatulatic bursts of ass, culminating in a characterstic porcelain whistling noise. A boopsie shit will always brighten your day unless it is you, who is left with fiery asshole.
God damn son, the nasty fucking trucker in the stall next to me had the fucking boopsies, I almost blurted out laughing but I covered my mouth and the raspberries made him think I probably had the boopsies too.
by staringupyourskirt February 16, 2008
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