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stuck up , sell out.
"u sell out, acting all booge" ,I dont want a booge bitch, want me cuz im rich
by Arod25 January 29, 2008
A joint/blunt, or the act of smoking.
Noun: Hey, can I buy some booge from you?

Verb: Yo, wanna come down to 402 and booge?
by _____ McFlyler December 10, 2010
also known as . . spooge . . . jizz . . male ejaculate fluid. mentioned in south park, also by brent sumner.
jake booged on nugget.

there's booge on jake's paaaaants.
by trixie October 06, 2003
verb. pronounced with a soft "g".

To booge. to splooge on boobs.

noun. The act of splooging on boobs
Example 1:
Girl: "What do you do as a hobbie?"
Guy: "I like to booge on girls"

Example 2:

Person: "No, we didn't have sex, it was just a booge"
by applejack42 November 06, 2009
A scrooge on Halloween - someone who doesn't hand out candy or decorate for the occasion.... "boo + scrooge"
That house never hands out Halloween candy, the man that lives there is a "booge"
by kevmac November 16, 2005
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