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The act of drinking alchohol (booze) off of a persons chest just like an ice luge. Most frequently takes place on a boat, lake, or pool party when people are wearing limited clothing.
To make the party a little more interesting we all started booging.

We forgot the cups, lets just booge instead.
by singleinseattle April 08, 2011
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The act of engaging in intimate contact with your significant other in a vehicle. The intimate contact can range from making out to, in some cases, sexual intercourse.

Typically, those who engage in booging will venture out to find places where they will not be disturbed, such as empty parking lots, behind buildings, or even in plain sight.
Person 1: "Hey, where are Alex and Anna?"
Person 2: "I think they went booging."
Person 1: "Oh! Gross!"
by FHUSlang March 07, 2017
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