"Boofer" or "Boof" for short is a word used to describe an extremely adorable dog. Typically with a Pug or Bull Dog-like flat face.
"Oh my lord look at that boofer! It's so adorable and boofy!"
by notrabrevilo June 01, 2012
Top Definition
The Term Boofer in western Pa. Is used to describe a person who dresses poorly. A person who is unkempt.
"I can't go out like this. I look like a Boofer"
by Dana October 21, 2003
n. A black person
Many boofers can jump high and play basketball very well.
by Fa-china April 02, 2003
slang name in MD for nigga, or black person
quit stealing stuff you boofer
by michael R G July 12, 2006
A new version of the word "nigger" except black people don't get offended by it and you still get your satisfaction
Sorry Deshon, I can't hang out. My mom said i'm not allowed to talk to boofers.
by imakeyourmomwet November 11, 2007


-Western Pennsylvanian slang used to describe narrow-minded country-folk.

-One who wears camoflague, florecent-orange, floral-print, or character T-Shirts as part of their casual dress.

-An uneducated, trashy person attempting to fuction in modern society.

(Mostly used in restaurant lingo.)
"Damned boofers left me 2 dollars on an 80 dollar bill.-

It must be tax-return season because the store was booferific today!-

I waited on a pair of boofies today, why do they always smell like firewood smoke and earth?-"
by flipshuff April 14, 2011
A dirty, ignorant person who is lazy and does not work but would rather steal, cheat and lie to gain an income. They usually take up the entire aisle in a store and refuse to move their fat asses. Notorious for having many kids in order to get more money from the government. You will see them beating their kids in public because they do not care about them, they are just noisy money signs to these creatures. They show up whenever something is being given away for free. Also they appear quite frequently on the show cops.
Wesley: Damn it stinks in Walmart today!
Mike: Yeah its food stamp day.
Wesley: Dirty Boofers!
by Its_what_I_do22 September 21, 2011
In the Bay we call: A tweaker, Someone who smokes meth, Tooth less meth heads.
"Hey homie look at that boofer over there, he's all boofed out!!!!"
by The Famous Yicken July 19, 2008
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