a large dab, anything massive or behemoth
person A: you got oil? lets take some boofers
person B: I only have half a gram it'll have to be a baby boofer
by Mr. GB January 16, 2013
"Boofer" or "Boof" for short is a word used to describe an extremely adorable dog. Typically with a Pug or Bull Dog-like flat face.
"Oh my lord look at that boofer! It's so adorable and boofy!"
by notrabrevilo June 01, 2012
The greatest word by far in the enlgish dictionary, boofer, is the "non offensive" alternative to Nigger.
Its so hard to see those damn boofers at night
by The Real Sweetlou August 19, 2008
Origionating in columbia, missouri, in 1985 boofer is a slang name for someone who smokes crack
That boofer chris bought all my dope last night.
by coastal21 August 15, 2009
Derogatory slang for a male african american who carries himself with a certain swagger.

Originally used in the 1950's and 60's to describe the way a black person walked; to 'boof'.
"Some boofer just stole my wallet"

"That boofer smoked all my weed!"

Racist Italian Grandfather commenting on the basketball game, "Whose winning? the boofers, or the boofers."
by M.D Rice January 28, 2008
A woman's 70's bush or gnarly unshaven Forrest downstairs. Also refers to the giant Western Yellowstone Buffalo.
Show me your boofer!
by Smase January 28, 2011
reffering to lines of any drug that can be insuflated (snorted) generally reffering to powdered cocaine but can also include heroin, crushed ecstasy or other pills
I can't even handle that class without a
couple boofers before I go in
by duckiej April 05, 2008

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