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A male homosexual. A shortened derivative of a vulgar term used to describe a male who engages in a particular type of homosexual sex act.
Joe always suspected that James was a boofer, and he knew for sure when he saw James emerging from a gay bar last Saturday night.
by vonTrips August 21, 2009
3 18
A female who you would only have sex with if you were drunk.
John: Wanna pick up some boofers tonight
Kronk: YUP
by MacCouger August 05, 2009
0 15
the bad case of the runs. or a enlarged hairy grundel
i fucked her last night and i got the boofer!
by ipwn003 October 25, 2007
2 23
Someone who's being crazy, stubborn, stupid, etc.
"I can't believe he won't come out tonight, he's such a boofer."
by Beckuary March 22, 2004
19 43
a person who participates in anal sex; someone who "butt fucks"; a "butt fucker"
Mike is a "boofer" he likes a cock up his ass.
by Natterz November 26, 2003
21 46
a black person that acts extremely ghetto and says nigga a lot.
Sewuh is such a boofer for saying nigga.
by sewuh November 21, 2003
19 44
Term meaning "fart". If you're looking for a funnier sounding word than "fart", then use boofer. You will probably get beaten up. Also can be used as an insult.
Did you make a boofer?
That kid is such a boofer.
Aww, geez. Did I let loose that boofer?
by Harry5wee January 25, 2005
15 41