a person who participates in anal sex; someone who "butt fucks"; a "butt fucker"
Mike is a "boofer" he likes a cock up his ass.
by Natterz November 26, 2003
an african american one who takes liking to white girls
Dani loves boofers
by NO COOMMMENT April 18, 2003
a term used by an awesome person named jennie, and it means a little puff of air that exits out of the anus hole, similar to a FART!
oooo, i just boofered...smell that yummy stench that just ridden from my body...mmmmm!!!
by missy February 06, 2003
Pipe used for smoking crack or crystal
Pass the buffer b'otch
by chris December 07, 2003
A non-Black person who acts ghetto. This applies to wiggers and poseurs of other races, as well.
Who does that boofer think he is? He can't rap at ALL!
by JMA rocks my socks May 30, 2004
A white male who likes his dick sucked by other males; usually named Jay or Jace
Jace doesn't have a girl friend because he's a Boofer.
by Roger February 25, 2003
A clammy, salami faced caucaisian whose obsession with a mouse leads to constant masturbation
Hey you boofer, keep your hands out of your pants and off that mouse!
by Steamin' Willie Beamin' September 13, 2004
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