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A hot very muscular guy who has a big dick and is exceedingly nice to women.
-Yo did you see that guy have sex with her and make her coffee after?

- yeah that guy is such a Kellan
by obesepedobear October 13, 2011
Somebody who is thoroughly obsessed with Chicken. Somebody who questions the universe but does not accuse it. Somebody who gives innate affection to those who desire it of them. Somebody who perseveres, despite the surrounding laziness of this generation. Somebody who always seems to be in a long-term relationship. Somebody who enjoys the liberty of traversing among high places such as roofs, towers, walls, ect. Somebody who is conservative yet irrational. Somebody who drives fast when the roads are wet and is satisfied with the feeling of losing traction. Somebody who applies themselves to the conversation in which the meaning of life is discussed. Somebody who juxtaposes conspiracy theory and patriotic loyalty but realizes there will never be enough substantial evidence for steadfast proposition. Somebody who is intent upon obtaining worthy life experiences. Somebody who balances personal spirituality with occasionally breaking the rules. Somebody who knows how to prove that the derivative equation is a result of the difference quotient. Somebody who often uses large words and ambiguous sentences to make them seem intellectual or analogous to a guru of sorts. Somebody who likes to have fun.
"Oh my god my brain hurts"

"Were you chillen with Kellan today?"
by mcgellinn September 29, 2011
(Gaelic) A female warrior.
Did you see her playing lacrosse the other day? She is an absolute Kellan!
by Graham the Muse October 07, 2010
a ginger.
a daywalker.
kellan put some clothes on you're blinding everyone in the house.
kellan: i need sunblock! spf 1309547!
by beta874984 September 07, 2008
a sexual position in which a girl is fingering a man's anus and he turns around and shits in her mouth.
"Hey man, I totally Kellan'd her last night."
"That bitch totally deserves it"
by sardinecock October 22, 2008
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