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The act of inserting drugs into the anus for a longer trip. Most often occurs at Disco Biscuits shows by spun-out kids on ketamine.
Dude I was so spun out at the Disco Biscuits show after we were boofing that ketamine!
by Spun-Out DB Kid May 05, 2009
the act of consuming alcohol via the anus, for rapid buzz
e.g. Lance boofed a bottle of Old Thompson
by Fudgy Johnson September 20, 2004
To lift the bow of a whitewater kayak while going over rocks, waves, or waterfalls, in order to launch over hydraulics ("holes") or rocks. The name is derived from the sensation that it gives the kayaker, which is similar to rectal administration of drugs.
Boofing on the Little River was such a rush today. Why would you ever plug the hole, when you can boof over it?
by paddler555 February 06, 2011
raising the bow of a kayak when going over a ledge or drop
Look at him boofing that rock to avoid the big hole.
by VA_Paddler May 24, 2013
little known secret about lesbian sex: boofing is the official term for when two women's breasts rub together and create a farting noise.
Girl, last night I rubbed on Bianca's titties so hard they were boofing.
by christinaorso May 23, 2016
Slang native to the Washington DC area, describing when a woman's vagina may not be P.H. Balanced, therefore resulting in her pussy having a rather pungent odor.
(EX) Person 1: Wassup Son, I saw you leave the club with that broad last night, did you fuck her?

Person 2: he'll nah son, she was boofing like shit.
Her pussy smelled like Zoo Dirt.
by @41ZoneEnt March 02, 2013
The act of making a stupid decision, often cluelessly, not realizing you have made a stupid decision.
Son, Joe was boofing letting that hobo in the car.
by CaptainOhWow August 08, 2015
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