when One uses an open hand to injure another man's nutsack. The same can be done to a female, called a "boufette", which is more comical than painful.
His face turned bright red when I boofed him, guess he had the taste of penis in his mouth.
by Michelle November 05, 2004
boof, also meaning butt fuck, is used commonly in my area as a word showing joy, like w00t

It probably originated from instances like "Damn, that girl is boofable!" moving towards asexual objects, and then losing the -able.
"Dude I got a 95 on my math test" "Booooooooooooof!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!11! I wish I got such a boofable score"
by ongardie October 25, 2004
Main Entry: boof
Pronunciation: 'büf
Etymology: American. My husband and I made this word up.

1: v. to fall out anywhere - the floor, bed, couch, ground.
2. n. a ghetto way to pronounce "boof".

Main Entry: boof
Pronunciation: 'büf
Etymology: Middle English bothe, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse buth booth; akin to Old English buan to dwell -- more at BOWER
1 : a temporary shelter for livestock or field workers
2 a : a stall or stand (as at a fair) for the sale or exhibition of goods b (1) : a small enclosure affording privacy for one person at a time <a telephone booth> <polling booth> (2) : a small enclosure that isolates its occupant especially from patrons or customers <a ticket booth> (3) : an isolated enclosure used in sound recording or in broadcasting <a radio booth> c : a restaurant seating arrangement consisting of a table between two high-back benches

: A ghetto way of saying "booth.
Boof as a verb - "I was so tired after work, I boofed on the couch!"

Boof as a noun - "Yo, where da nearest fone boof at?"
by Me! April 15, 2004
To drink alcohol, usualy beer out of a beer bong
I was boofin last man and fuck, i was toe up.
by ANONOMOUS April 04, 2004
to pour beer or alchohol in ones anal cavity
"dude i boofed a six pack last night, and my ass wont stop leaking"
by bob dubuqe November 29, 2003
"Dude, did you just Boof one?"
by Clay August 23, 2003
Boof- Dick riding someone, over-admiring someone
Person 1- "Yo Lebron is the nicest nigga i've ever seen play"
Person 2- "Boof nigga hop off his dick"
by Sean "SilkySmooth" Henry December 11, 2005

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