a person who is very awkward and stupid.
Daniel Schiefer is a boof.
by Tom Solis February 20, 2005
To 'Boof' someone is to play a practical joke
Well well well Martin, It's time we 'Boofed' (Boof) Luke!
by Beardyboo January 18, 2011
A dickhead at QIAE
Boof is such a stinky fuck.
by someone who hates boof October 22, 2008
Slang for boyfriend, used in R&B singer, Beyonce's song "Countdown" from her album '4'.

Not to be confused with other more...vulgar meanings
"Me and my boof, and my boof boof ridin' " (From 'Countdown')
by Aussie Intelligentsia June 24, 2011
Boof-To Insert something in your anal cavity as a way of hiding something.
Tyrone had his gay lover come meet him at prison. Before the meeting Tyrone spoke to his boyfriend on the phone and asked if he would "Boof" some illegal substances for him and bring them to him during visiting hours.
by DjKidmethod March 23, 2010
the act of smoking crystal meth!

(meth aka tweek, scante, shit, speed.)
there are many ways to use this word look at the examples.

ex 1. boof it- hey homie i got a teener of crystal lets go boof it!

ex 2. boofer- that guy smokes crystal hes a boofer!

ex 3. boof- lets go boof a bowl of shit!!

ex 4. frank:hey homie what are you doin?
john: nothin just boffin it!!
by sepultado13 October 31, 2006
A response of agreement that eliminates a very wordy statement that someone doesn't have the capabilities to say at the moment. Derived after an up-all-night coffee bender at Perkins where a friend and I decided to drive around town all morning. I asked him if he minded if we made a stop, and he tried to formulate a response to the effect of "Sure, we can stop a Boyd's Drug Mart to check your P.O. Box, I need to run in and get some things myself, anyway." but it came out as "Ahhh, boof." as he tried to ash his Kit-Kat bar out the window.
guy one: "Mind if I stop at Baken Park?"
guy two: "Ahhh, boof."
by Char H January 08, 2006

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