word that may be utilized in any situation, to discribe any emotion at any given time.
boooOoOooOoooOOOOOof! ;)
by LeahJamie March 29, 2005
Puffy genital hair. Usually referring to the hair of the female genitalia, it can also refer to the upper genital hair (above shaft) of males, esp. if puffy like a fro. Instantly recognizable if women wear panties or bikinis while never shaving that area.

First used as onomatopoeia.
I opened up her panties, and boof! It was peek-a-boo on the scariest level.

Adolescence is fast. One night, I open up my pants, and it's clean. The next night, boof! It came out like a jungle!

Wow, I've got to shave the boof tonite.

Whoa, did you get a load of her boof? That thing was like a fro!

Man, if she's got a boof, don't give her oral sex. I still have some in my mouth from last night's chick.

Holy shit! It's like my boof's eating my penis.
by Keeb February 23, 2005
verb meaning have anal sex with, particularly GAS (gay anal sex)
Often used in the figurative, rather than literal sense
Yo, that fruity dude keeps staring at your package, I think he wants to boof you.

Man, this car is such a piece of shit. That fat bastard at the used car lot boofed me royally.
by frankiesaysrelax November 01, 2003
An expression said usually out of anger or disappointment when something goes wrong.
1. Boof! The goddamn cat exploded!
2. Oh, boof! this math is booftastic!
by Trovar BangZ June 23, 2003
The act of making a fist and thrusting it under someones chin and pulling up making their head jerk up.
Jeff's never been boofed in Dodger Stadium!
by rich hill July 03, 2006
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