1.some ugly birds
2.a wonderful invention, best thing since the penis and the vagina.
3...are fun to play with while...
a.screwing your or someone elses girlfriend
c.you have nothing better to do then play with your or someone elses boobies.
d.you have something better to do, you'd just rather play with your or someone elses boobies
"and we saw som of the most amazing boobies...ever..."-Thomas Delonge
by x-blink-a-holic-x February 24, 2005
(1) Breasts that are more on the smaller side. Often reffured to as being small, perky, round, and cute.
Guy1: "Hey look at that chick in the teeny bikini over there!"

Guy2: "Oh Yeah! She has some nice boobies!"

by KH-BB July 11, 2010
Plural form of boob. Interestingly both 'boob' and 'boobies' can be written on a calculator and displayed upside down (boob=8008, boobies=5318008).

Boobies indicate young perky boobs, as opposed to old saggy ones.
I bet that young girl has great boobies under her school uniform
by taejisong February 15, 2011
big warm toys that you suck squeeze bite lick hump stuff your face in and stick your dick n between
bill sucked karens boobies and she got orgasms
by cool jack July 25, 2005
breasts, bouncy things on a woman's body.
My big boobies are fun to suck on. :)
by Stacy June 22, 2004
Any of a type of seafaring bird, most common, the blue footed booby.
I was down at the beach the other day, and I saw thousands of blue footed boobys.
by snakemanjames August 23, 2009
balls that men bounce, and play handball with.
those boobies make life a whole lot better
by JOKa July 31, 2003
multiple booboos
Mommy, i got boobies
by zhou059 July 31, 2009

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