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1. Mystical Orbs with the power to exert complete mind control over any man who witnesses its infinite beauty. This power grows with its size, ranging in power from causing drooling and erect penis to immediate ejaculation.

2. Things every man loves, every women worries about, and things they both enjoy when they are sucked.

3. Eye magnets. Everyone has a magnetic field surrounding them, and these fields are increasingly strong with increasing curviness. Large Breasts and Asses display the strongest attraction areas (particularly erect nipples).
1. Don't look! Those orbs of power can turn you to a shuddering mass of pleasure in seconds!

2. Dave felt her boobies- they were warm and large, and moist. He ran his hand up the curve of her bosom, and felt her erect nipple protruding. Pulling down her shirt, and her bra, he slowly sucked on it. Angelic leaned back and groaned in pleasure as Dave continued to suck her boobies.

3. You walk down the hallway. There is Derrick, you nod hello. You pass your locker, turn around, and open it. Suddenly you see Amanda appear beside you. She leans on her locker, her gargantuan breasts facing you. Her eyes are down, on her lock. As she turns the combination, her boobies jiggle slightly. You eyes are immediately drawn towards it, closer, and closer. She doesn't notice you, and then she looks up. You try to tear your eyes away, but you now notice that her nipples have hardened. As you continue to watch, they grow, clearly protruding from her shirt- she isn't wearing a bra. You tear your eyes away, and look up and see her smiling at you. She winks, twirls around, and walks away, her big ass jiggling. She turns back, smiles, and then slaps her ass for you. Your eyes are once again, drawn to the polar magnetivity of it.
by Assasinof6 March 11, 2010
The clauses which detail Kris Kringle under the North Pole Act of 1436.
Clause 1, Subsection A states that: Saint Nicholas must manufacture a wide variety of games, tools, and miscellaneous objects for children under the age of 12 in all countries of the world.
Clause 1, Subsection B states that: Saint Nicholas must do so for eternity, without pay, and must aquire the following traits: Obesity, A long white beard, a red suit, a fondness for burnt cookies and warm milk.
Evil Little Boy: "Where are my presents?"
Mom: "You were naughty this year, so Santa didn't bring you any."
Evil Little Boy: "Na-uh! According to Clause 1, Subsection A and B, of the Santa Clauses, Santa is required to bring me my demanded presents!"
by Assasinof6 March 11, 2010
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