The act of smacking one's weiner onto a female's tits (or male with breasts) as if beating a drum.
Craig: "Yo I pulled the bongo on that jawn last night."
by craig26 September 20, 2007
Person of simple mind. Not very smart. Person who does stupid things.
"your a fucking BONGO!"
by Edge August 20, 2003
xxx video or magazine porn
hurry the fuck up with my bongo vidz asshole
by dr stonk August 25, 2003
a californian word that can be used to replace "bogus," but can also be used to replace "sic" (as in "cool") depending on the context.
"i can't believe in-n-out burger closed early today man... bongos dude"

"whoa man that wave was totally bongos dude! right on!"
by zeppelin floyd May 20, 2007
1. Just a straight up Bad Situation
Stacie: Damn did you see Marya the other day

Nishane: Yea i know she has no ass
Stacie: Yeah she got the Bongo
by Holla@YaBOI October 08, 2010
Things that guys like to do puff-puffs with
can I play with your bongos?
by Breast professer June 13, 2007
noun, bongo(s)
a person who is easily tempted by windows
also associated with a Chewbacker} noise
"you fucking bongo"
"BONGO! report to the window"
"bongo" (in general)
by louis flan August 27, 2008

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