Abbreviation for the religious book known as the Book of Mormon. Used by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka the mormons.
Did you here that I am reading the B.O.M. that those missionaries gave me.
by pdiddydirty February 24, 2008
Top Definition
Word that is interchangable with bro, dude, man, friend, buddy, pal, mon, bredrin, n*igga etc used in the trap.
ay bom pass dat dro!

hey bom wa gwan?

Mans1: ay bom, would u duns dat yt?
Mans2: yaaaaa bom!

by trpstr6plz August 23, 2007
short for Back Office Monkey, the B.O.M. usually works in Operations (The Back Office) of a Financial Services company doing redundant and unstimulating work.
"This B.O.M. on the 8th floor keeps asking me if there are any openings in banking, yeah right."
by xabat77 March 17, 2005
B.O.M. is a video series created by Pat Terlizzi in the 90's. The video is hilarious.
B.O.M. is fucking hot.
by ... January 12, 2005
A Back Office Monkey/ Minion. On an intellectual par with HR workers, this person is either a career B.O.M., or delusionally thinks they have a chance at moving to the front office in one go. Often found studying Level 1 CFA exam in the September to June period year after year.
The new B.O.M. LION thinks he can get a gig on the credit derivatives prop desk, just because he knows how to reconcile a trade!
by Robh353 March 25, 2005
Politically correct way of referring to Back Office Monkey's. The term was originally derived by Jagov of Analystforum fame in response to Rajesh's indignation about being called a monkey. BOMS typically think the term refers to some advanced mid office function are proud to be refered to as such. In order to qualify the BOM must be a dreamer, to believe that is worth is far greater than it truly is. BOMs always complain about their meager salaries but can be appeased with doughnuts.
That BOM settled my trade for $12 million and now thinks his bonus should be a couple hundred grand.

I offered an aspiring BOM a chance to work alongside me as a Portfolio Administrator but he turned me down because it would have involved a 42 hour week instead of his usual 35. Now I hear he'd touting Nortel on Analystforum.
by Fan of Jagov March 28, 2005
Person who works in a financial services cost centre. They dream of running a hedge fund and believe they are smarter than everyone else. They work no more than 35 hours per week, their bonuses come in the form of pastries. Term was developed by myself in response to Rajesh's cringing at the term Back Office Monkey. It is believed that Rajesh was quite hirsute and took the term personally
Jagov - Look at the BOMs gather round the doughnut box, its a shame I'll have to give half of them pink slips tomorrow. I just hired a fellow from Bangalore who can make them all redundant and he doesnt mind day old pastries.
by Jagov March 30, 2005

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