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A person who is totally out of touch with his surroundings, an idiot, fool, asshole, etc...
"That guy who sold me that broken palm pilot is a fucking Douchenozzle"
by Hanky November 12, 2002
One of the most talented genres out there today. The guitars are usually blindingly fast and the drummer uses the double bass or other awesome sounding beats all the time. The vocalist usually sings in a low voice, a lot of times consisting og growling and shrieks. The bass player..... he's just there. Good bands include Chimaira, Lamb of God, In Flames, 100 Demons, Fear Factory, God Forbid, etc.
My friend lost 73% of his hearing and 3 fingers at a heavy metal concert
by Hanky September 05, 2004
Bom as in you gonna bom someone, like hit em!!
"I jes gonna walk u and bom his ass"!!said Hanky
by Hanky March 03, 2004
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