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'igga' is addressed to the indians(who were inslaved by the white, british rule in india); originated from the word 'nigga'.
Was up igga, brother from india.
by jeff March 09, 2005
I.G.G.A. is an abbreviation for
it gets good around
it gets good at
it gets great at/around
whatever variation you choose
igga usually applies to music when telling someone the best part of a song. used on facebook chat or texting.
Pal: hey dude, listen to ghostwriter by rjd2, igga 1:30.
Dude: alright i will.
Dude: you were right, thats so sick!
by monkenround May 16, 2010
An igga is a person that is from Ireland but their color is black.
What up my igga how are things goin in Ireland.
by Reesee January 05, 2006
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