Bogart is another phrase which means idiot, moron, fag, whatever you want to refer to the person as, and could have a generic meaning.
"Your such a bogart"
"Pick up those clothes you bogart"
Can be referred to anything.
by Vikk September 21, 2008
When you cum so hard you bleed.
I was getting it on with Sally, when i bogarted.
by frank O p December 27, 2008
Boogers and snot. The goo.
Enrique's collection of bogarts that resemble celebrities is nearly complete...
by CJ March 20, 2005
A bogart is someone who is extremely odd in an annoying manner. For instance, someone who makes everyone follow really particular rules about everything.
My history teacher is a total bogart!
by Mystery Williams May 12, 2004
to wet a cig with your lips too much
dont bogart that man! fuck!
by Ian - Humphrey Wilder - C June 27, 2003
to steal or borrow in a white trashy manner. Coined after the citizens of Bogart, GA.
(In southern accent) Hey man, I totally bogarted some Boone's Farm and Natty Light from Stuckey's trailer.
by Pissed Off Athenian March 22, 2003
v. To smoke a cigarette or a joint in such a way as to leave the end wet with spit, thus making it something no one wants to toke on.
Hey, man, don't bogart that joint!
by The Doctor January 09, 2005

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