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4 definitions by Morticia

An extremely perverted high school teenage male that has a fetish for Japanese anime, Ramen noodles and Asian chicks. Often grabs people's asses, male or female.
He's got a mirror under that Asian girl's skirt! He's such a dirty Steven!
by Morticia March 17, 2005
38 10
When a male teenager that acts as if he has Tourette's Syndrome randomly humps other people, of both sexes, or does a party boy to them, often involving groping and/or ass smacking.
When that kid walked by, he got a dirty Seth!
by Morticia March 13, 2005
17 10
When 2 male teenagers hump and/or "dirty dance" on another person's legs.
They party-boi'd him when he walked past us!
by Morticia March 13, 2005
15 13
A person who does not share the chronic, beer, or any other illegal substance used to get high or get wasted.
He's not sharing the weed, he's a fuckin' bogart!
by Morticia March 13, 2005
8 19