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3 definitions by Aka12345

Spongen - Used to talk to friends about a girl while the girl is in a close area
Bob - Are You Spongen That tonight ?

Jim - Yeah Im So Spongin That

Bob - Niceeeeee
by Aka12345 October 30, 2009
I Believe That The Religion Music Is The Most Powerful And Understanding Of The All. Music Has he Power To Change Your Opinions On Life. As I Grew Up To See Everyone The Same Once The Listened To a Different Brand Of Music They Automaticly Change Their Views Of Life.
Example Of The Religion Music

Rap - Creates A Person To Cause Trouble And Get Into Trouble

Rock - Becomes To Hate Or Create Hate Or Just Reck It
by Aka12345 June 30, 2010
Borgarting - Having Something And Not doing anything with it

Example - Joints , Friendship Etc . . .
Craig - Here Get a Blow Of This

Several Minutes Later . . .

Craig - Bogarting !!!

Rob - Shit ( takes Several Continuosly Large Pulls )

Craig - Now Stop Bogarting The Friendship And Pass It Over Here
by Aka12345 June 30, 2010