To take something unjustly, to snatch or steal
Someone totally bogarted the last piece of pizza. I had been saving it for myself.
by Robert August 26, 2003
To "bogart" is to keep in possesion of an object for an imhuman amount of time.
"hey! stop bogarting the hackey sack, you boagart." or "quit bogarting the reefer"
by blind July 19, 2003
To hold the joint or other pot smoking apparatus longer than usual when smoking with others..To walk off with something unintentionally.
"hey!" Jasmine shouted to Dirt, reaching for the bong. "Quit Bogarting that shit! you been holding it ten minutes now!"
#bogarting #bogarted #hold #camp #camping
by Jasmine420kittyfuck June 13, 2006
V. To steal or lift something. Derived from the actor Humphrey Bogart.
Don't bogart my lunch.
by The_Magistrate July 20, 2003
verb - to take more than one's fair share. Possible drug culture origin (see useage example). Obvious but unexplained connection to actor Humphrey Bogart.
Dude, don't bogart that joint!
by secretdonkey June 20, 2003
Featured in a Grateful Dead song, "Don't Bogart that Joint"
Don't Bogart that joint, my friend, pass it oo-ver to me-e-e-e. Ro-o-o-llll an-other one, just like that other've been holding on to it, a little too long...
#sticky fingered weedsnarker #stolen joint #selfish #wet-lipped roach sucker #hogging the spliff
by DiverDave April 20, 2008
To steal, pinch, borrow, nick or thieve.
"Hey, man, I just totally bogarted that chocolate bar from 7-11."
by Astro June 17, 2003
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