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To steal, pinch, borrow, nick or thieve.
"Hey, man, I just totally bogarted that chocolate bar from 7-11."
by Astro June 17, 2003
to push your way through or demand all of the attention
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
1) salivate on a marijuana cigarette
2)refuse to share
Hey, man, don't bogart the joint, man!
by Temperance October 17, 2003
One bad mutha that you don't wanna mess with!
Oh snaps! Look out! It's Bogart!
by Bogart July 30, 2003
as in Humphrey Bogart.

(verb) To steal the scene.

(noun) One who takes an excessively long time to complete a task.
Quit bogarting that spliff and pass it over to me!
by Anonymous July 01, 2003
Something that purports to be art but is not.
(bogus + art =bogart)
That hack who sculpted Jesus out of chocolate at Easter time was looking for fame, but all he did was create yet another piece of bogart.
by circushead May 17, 2007
to hold selfishly, not share, or use too much of something. Somehow related to Humphrey Bogart of Casablanca, but can't remember how.
Dude, don't bogart the mayo.
by CrunchyMusic March 22, 2003