Lowest class, usually concentrated in poorer suburban areas of Australia. 'Thick-heads', yet super infated egos, bogans have very limited vocabulary, yet can be seen scorning others that use language or social skills that the bogan does not possess. Also, any extended period of non-comprehension, will lead to branding as UN-AUSTRALIAN (The bogan with super-inflated ego naturally sees themselves as the quintessential Australian.)

The bogan interprets others avoiding them (because of their "general unpleasantness") as fear of the bogans imagined POWER and MASCULINITY.

Their understanding of the world comes from the images imprinted on their visual cortex.

Do not put a bogan in a position where an opinion of philosopy, arts, literature etc. is called for.

Leave quiety and swiftly if you encounter the bogan, and if pressed, speak in the third person about cars that radiate "Bogan-ness". Utes are "working-class" and therefore to the bogan "higher-class".

{ situational construct }
A bogan if blindfolded and released in the centre of Beverly Hills, would stand aghast, and all of the amalgam of conflicting ideals inside the bogan mind, would cause instantaneous implosion, possibly creating relativistic space-time distortion, thus compicating things further.

If cornered further by "the bogan" which mistakes you for a friend:

--talk sex, drinking bourbon etc.--
Again in the third person, omniscient.
Observation, pointing, and commenting is best.

Leave A.S.A.P.,
party person 1:
"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."

party person 2:
Fuck, I love Nietzsche

bogan: (party crasher)... what the fuck are you dumb pooftas talking about? I going to have to teach you to be a REAL MAN.
by loco banANA December 12, 2006
A kind of yobbo guy. Flanelette shirts, beer belly, mullet haircut, cruising the streets with their windows down. Very Australian.
A guy about 30 is a construction worker and he has his mates over to watch the footy (lots of mullet haircuts.)
Here's your chance to say, "Urgh, ya bogans!"
by Tania January 21, 2003
A bogan, anyone from the locality in Queensland known as Logan City.
Look at that new kid. He lives in Logan, such a bogan!
by flashinstorm December 15, 2010
A Collingwood Supporter. Usually found with no more than 4 teeth, and has just been released on probation to go to the footy match...
A Tasmanian bloke, or Collingwood footy supporter; the usual bogans...
by -Dave_01- May 01, 2006
A bogan is someone commonly found in Australia, or to be more precise, in the island state below Australia- Tasmania.
Bogans can be found usually residing in housing commision areas, outskirts of towns, generally highly suburban areas. They usually live in large groups of grey or red brick or besablock homes but only reside in thier own houses when they become too old or too fat or when they need to steal some of thier parents cigarettes/ money.
There are several bogan variations,but I have decided to cover one main group; young female bogans.
Young female bogan teens like to spend most of thier time running away from thier homes to go and 'hang out' with thier boyfriends, this is usually done when they are supposed to be at school. They usually wear tight jeans, a miniskirt over the top, a large 80's style belt, pink uggh boots, a tight shirt, a whole tube of mascara, an entire pallete of black eye-shadow, a few tubs of foundation and they usually like to have thier badly bleached hair tied up into a pony tail, although several of them have discovered that stealing thier boyfriends ford cap covers thier black roots. They are those girls that everyone in school thinks is classy, but really they end up with dead end jobs, 4 children by the age of 18, an abusive husband/s, lung cancer and several other problems.
Person one: I saw that girl cheryl from last year yesterday in a shop, she was pregnant
Person two: yeah, I heard she dropped out of school
Person three: lol what a bogan
by Kikitso October 02, 2005
Often seen sporting southern cross tattoos and collecting dole payments, bogans strive to live in plasterboard houses on a block where they have the freedom to park their Skyline and approximately six other disused car bodies/caravans. In their natural habitat, bogans consume VB* or, at weddings, XXXX Gold* and smoke "Winny Blues"*. Favoured attire includes board shorts, wife beaters and occasionally shoes, and very rarely a collared shirt.

*Winfield Blues are an Australian Brand of Cigarettes Favoured by tradesmen and the aforementioned bogan.
XXXX Gold and VB are Australian varieties of beer (very loosely speaking) and are rumoured to contain sweat and dirt.
Bogan 1: "Oi! Are youse goin' down the pub later?"
Bogan 2: " Yeah aye, might flex it down in the skyline a bit later. Got no petrol but. Gotta get down to centrelink aye. Chuck us me winny blues Mum."
Bogan 1: "Here y'are love. I'll do some snags for youse tea."
by Smoky Jerve September 14, 2009
Someone who wears tight torn jeans, flanalette, smokes winfield blue, drinks VB and is a couch potato alco.
Me and proud of it!
Craigs Dad

Nobody likes, nobody likes, nobody likes a bogan!
by Bbbooogggaaannnsss August 07, 2005
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